The commercialisation and innovation team identify and commercialise new technologies developed by our 研究ers so that business, 工业和社会可以从中受益.








我们看到了一个充满潜力的世界——充满了伟大的想法, waiting for the right opportunities and the right people to turn them into bigger, 更好的事情.

作为澳大利亚领先的研究型大学之一, 我们聚集了工业界最优秀的人才, 研究, 和学术界. 与我们的专家团队, 最先进的设施和建立有影响力的关系的能力, 我们可以帮助你在市场上获得竞争优势.


We work with 研究ers assisting them to create groundbreaking discoveries and solutions.

We have developed this 研究 影响帆布 to help 研究ers crystallise their 研究.


麦考瑞大学拥有良好的创新表现记录. 我们的研究ers have been responsible for groundbreaking discoveries and solutions that have changed the world. Brilliant ideas with global potential do not come along every day; however, 新软件, 方法, 发明, 在麦格理,新发现和技术不断涌现.

要获得改变世界的合作机会,请查阅我们的 可用的技术.

  • 知识产权指导原则

    Our imperative is to add value to the 研究 our 研究ers pursue and to make our 研究 partnerships as efficient and effective as possible.

  • 创新的管道


    We know that 研究 has the potential to make significant contributions that benefit society. Read about the steps we are taking to maximise the potential of our innovation pipeline.

  • impact-sand


    We are committed to producing successful market outcomes from collaboration between our 研究ers and commercial clients. 以下是我们帮助创造的一些成功故事.


  • 产业商业化的研究


    凯时国际首页 with us to solve your business needs, or explore our current licencing opportunities.

  • 创新者商业化研究


    We make it really easy for you to turn your innovations into real-world solutions that can make a difference.

  • 创业公司


    Become an entrepreneur and found your own start-up with the assistance of our resources and industry experience.


Anna Grocholsky,商业化和创新总监

Anna is a successful strategist, negotiator, and intellectual property specialist. With a materials science background Anna then broadened her skills and qualifications through management, 创造性解决问题, 法律和业务. 安娜是哈佛商学院的校友, a registered trade marks attorney and is one of a handful of Australians with the attainment of being a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) and a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP).

在A Goninan公司成功专攻产品开发之后 & 公司、电子邮件有限公司及海迪实业有限公司., Anna embraced the challenges of Intellectual Property and commercialisation moving into roles at Sydney University in business development and IP management. In 2011 Anna established her own thriving IP and commercialisation business. Clients include individuals, small and medium enterprises and larger companies and institutes.

自从安娜进入麦考瑞大学, there has been a significant increase in innovation disclosures and 商业交易 have tripled. 安娜也推出了 研究参与、影响和商业化框架, IP指导原则, 启动检查表/资源, the 影响帆布 and guidelines to enable 研究ers/staff to commercialise Macquarie University Intellectual Property.

Anna welcomes the opportunity to promote innovations generated within the Macquarie University 研究 community and to foster commercialisation partnerships by engaging with an entrepreneurial spirit.

电话: +61 2 9850 4599  
电子邮件: 安娜.grocholsky@thelindensocialclub.com


T: +61 2 9850 4576  
E: 莎拉.dacombe@thelindensocialclub.com


T: +61 2 9850 2251
E: 琳恩.price@thelindensocialclub.com


Dr Bruce Lee completed a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Hons) at the University of Sydney in 1980, followed by a Master of Science in Agriculture at the University of Sydney in 1982. 然后他搬到德国斯图加特,在那里他被授予博士学位. sc.agr. (以优等成绩毕业) in 1987.

Bruce undertook postdoctoral studies at Rothamsted Experimental Station in the United Kingdom working on gene expression in cereals from 1986 to 1989. 从1989年到2004年,他在巴塞尔工作, 瑞士的汽巴-盖吉种子公司, later Novartis and then Syngenta where he held various management positions in business development, 许可和研究.

从2004年到2013年,他在CSIRO工作, 让CSIRO的研究产生更大的影响, 通过建立公共和私人伙伴关系. His activities in establishing new 研究 initiatives and his pivotal role at the interface of science and agribusiness/food resulted in a number of significant achievements for CSIRO and industry – commercialisation of omega-3s in canola, 高直链淀粉小麦, 超低面筋大麦, 鲑鱼养殖与新型水产饲料.

Bruce's last role in industry was as the CEO of Genective from 2013 to 2018, based in Paris, France. Bruce joined Macquarie University as 商业化和创新 Manager (Life Sciences) in April 2021. He will be working closely with 研究ers in life sciences and medicine to assess innovative technologies and facilitate their translation and commercialisation through strategic partnerships, 授权许可和行业合作.

T: +61 2 9850 4542  
E: 布鲁斯.lee@thelindensocialclub.com

Bel Coppock,知识产权投资组合经理

Bel has a diverse background in events, regional marketing, customer service and patent management. Bel is responsible for keeping the Office of 商业化和创新 organised. She also liaises with Macquarie University's existing pool of inventors and administers royalty payments.

Contact Bel if you have any questions about commercialisation process at Macquarie.

T: +61 (2) 9850 4598  
E: 贝琳达.coppock@thelindensocialclub.com


P: +61 2 9850 4489  
E: 萨曼莎.merline@thelindensocialclub.com or ip@thelindensocialclub.com

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